I have a problem with google chrome.


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May 22, 2023
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I recently moved from Windows to Linux. On my laptop, I mostly use the touchscreen for navigation. When I try to open links in a new tab by using, (CTRL + tap on the screen) in Firefox it works fine but in Chrome it opens links in the same tab instead of a new tab. How do I make Chrome open links in a new tab?

ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS
lenovo ideapad flex 5 14are05

tried enabling some chrome://flags stuff but didn't really work.
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I personally keep away from Google products wherever possible, so I found this link that may help...
I do not have Chrome installed at the moment so can only guess, but there should be a setting in Chrome somewhere to cause links to open in a new tab. I don't think this is a Linux fault. But a setting in Chrome. I use Vivaldi here which is based on Chrome and it has those settings. I did a web search and a couple pages suggested there is an extension to accomplish what you want. Good Luck.
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Happens to me on Firefox as well: some links pressed with left mouse button cause the program to open the website for the link on the same tab. Even with CTRL key held down. This was true somewhere in "archive-dot-org" while browsing movies. Generally, this is a problem in sites that have to show a few hundred pictures on the same web page with all their Javascript nonsense

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