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I found this OS....

Discussion in 'Other Distributions' started by David H, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. David H

    David H Guest

    I was reading up on an OS that touts the look and feel of windows. I decided to read some more. What I found was a 2 sided discussion that kind of looked like 2 ancient armies going at each other en masse. I am hesitant to mention it here but I will nonetheless.
    Zorin OS
    From what I am reading it is a good OS to use for someone who is wanting the look and feel of windows 7, windows xp, and the common GNOME desktop variants offered.
    My goal is to enlighten my former customers to the option of using a free OS. I would really like experienced input here about this OS, if you please?

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  2. rstanley

    rstanley Guest

    I hate any Linux Distribution that touts itself as a unique O/S!!! Examples are "Ubuntu O/S", or "Zorin O/S"!!! They are NOT a different O/S! They are just another Linux Distro like any other, but with unique features. Linux is Linux, period!

    There are over 300 different Linux Distros as listed on Distrowatch, with some aimed at different specific purposes, but are the same basic O/S!

    Why do you need, or want a Linux Distro to "Look and feel" like Windows or any other O/S? If you want to switch away from Windows, or Apple OS X and use Linux, then use Linux, and accept the differences in the O/S, and the differences in the applications that run on Linux.

    Jump in and learn the differences between Windows and Linux O/S itself, and to take advantage of what Linux provides. Learn to use the free Office Suite, Libreoffice instead of purchasing a $500.00 copy of MS Office. There are many other examples of Linux apps (And other such sites) that replace similar Windows apps that don't run under Linux, or that require Wine or Crossover Office.

    Learn to accept the privacy and security of an Open Source O/S that does not spy on you, that has no back doors, where you can view and customize the source code, to you hearts content without breaking any laws or answering to ANY Monolithic Corporation in any country!!!

    Vive la différence!
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  3. atanere

    atanere Guest

    Yeah! What he said! :D
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  4. LedMatrix

    LedMatrix Guest

    I am finding that for people that are intimiated by anything different, Zorin OS helps them feel more at ease. Once they learn Linux won't hurt them and they grow accustomed to the differences, I expose them to some other options to consider. For many it's not as simple as jumping in the deep end.
    #4 LedMatrix, Jul 21, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2016
  5. rstanley

    rstanley Guest

    That's fine, but again, don't call it "Zorin OS"!!! It is "The Linux Distribution, Zorin"!

    More than once I have had to respond to a user when they read about some features of Linux or some CLI (Command Line Interface) commands, and they say, "I know that works on Linux, but can I run that command on Ubuntu O/S?"!!! I have to respond with "Ubuntu is just another Linux Distro. All the commands work on the Ubuntu Distro."!!!

    Please don't confuse them with thinking that "Zorin" and "Linux" are two different things! Educate them!!! If they have an Android phone, let them know that Android is also Linux!!! IMHO a REAL Linux Distro, using Gnome looks and feels more like Windows 7, XP, or earlier, than the differences!!!

    They were probably intimidated the first time they used Windows, but they were taught how to use it. IMHO, by giving them a Windows "Look-alike", they will only be intimidated by a real Linux Distro later on, and may be turned off later on!

    Start them off by using Firefox or Chrome on a real Linux, using the REAL Gnome desktop. They will not see too much difference. Introduce them to Libreoffice, if they are used to Mickey$oft Orifice. They don't need to know about the CLI or most of the internals initially until they get used to Linux. They will need to know about the /home/username/ directory when they start saving and opening files, no matter which Distro they have, along with the basic applications.

    Sorry, but IMHO, Zorin may do more damage than good.
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  6. LedMatrix

    LedMatrix Guest

    Not sure if this was to me or not. I understand where you're coming from. But I call it Zorin OS because that's what they named it. Ubuntu, same thing. If we want to be supremely anal about it, it should be Zorin GNU/Linux. I don't see "GNU/Linux" mentioned here anywhere near as much as just Linux, but no one's complaining.

    Honestly, I don't get upset over what newbies call it. Any time they're willing to give Linux a try, it's a good thing. Things upset me, but they're way worse things than anything newcomers may call a Linux distro. Gotta be patient with them. They'll learn.
    #6 LedMatrix, Jul 22, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2016
  7. David H

    David H Guest

    Just like at the site I read about ZORIN OS....oops...sorry... I din't call it linux.... have a nice day anyway rstanley, and talk to your doc about upping the meds...
  8. LedMatrix

    LedMatrix Guest

    Zorin is great for weening people off Windows. I install it and Mint all the time. There is nothing wrong with Zorin as a beginner Linux distro.
  9. atanere

    atanere Guest

    Insulting long-time knowledgeable users like @rstanley isn't the best way to make friends and receive help. Good luck!
  10. David H

    David H Guest

    I asked for help in this matter... he yelled at me --> (!!!) several times. That was not help. That was expressing one persons view in a loud and in-your-face way
  11. rstanley

    rstanley Guest

    You did ask, and I answered.

    My comments are based on experience dealing with newbies. Show the following to a newbie, and ask them, "What is the difference between these Operating Systems?"

    Ubuntu OS
    Zorin OS
    Elementary OS

    None! They are all the same thing, Linux, with minor additions and deletions! But a newbie will probably think they are all different! The first two are confusing, and controversial names for the same basic O/S, and remainder are names of Distributions of Linux. I say that here for the benefit of other readers of this thread.

    This comment was completely out of line! This is not yelling!!! It is simply emphasis. THIS IS YELLING!!! There is a very big difference.
  12. LedMatrix

    LedMatrix Guest

    Sent you a message.
  13. atanere

    atanere Guest

    I'm sorry, David, I disagree. You did not ask for help... you asked for an opinion (see your original quote above). And you opened your post letting us know you're bringing a flame war from another site. Perhaps that fact alone might have hinted that you might not receive a warm, cuddly response.

    But, to try to be "helpful"... I can say I have tried ZorinOS. I have tried dozens of distros. I try new distros all the time. I like Linux (or GNU/Linux) and I like all the variety that so many choices offer me. But no matter which one is my personal favorite-of-the-day, the one installed on my desktop as I write this, that doesn't mean that you would like it, or that you would install it to try it out, or that would choose that one to recommend to your former customers. The one you're going to recommend is the one that YOU like, and you'll have to form your own opinion. You seem to think that a Windows look-alike is a bonus to transition new users, so Zorin's Look Changer may well appeal to you. You might also consider Q4OS which resembles Windows 2000.

    So my recommendation is to try them out, either via Live DVD, or installed on a spare computer, or in a virtual machine. I didn't care for ZorinOS that much... mimicking Windows has zero appeal to me, but that's just my opinion. You may love it. If you don't, there are literally hundreds of other choices. I think the ranked distros on this list are all still active (almost 300, with hundreds more that are now inactive): https://distrowatch.com/search.php?status=All

    Finally, let me advise you that one of the most common questions asked on a Linux forum is, "Which distro will be best for me?" Your post was just another variation on that. Maybe you cannot yet understand how terribly old that gets, with one newbie after another, tweaking it a little here or there to describe what hardware they have, or to question if their favorite Windows software will run in Linux. Time and again I usually give the same answer, with my own variations, just as I have for you above: That is, only YOU can determine what is best for you (and the family/friends/customers that you will help). And you will only achieve this by trial.

    Good luck!
  14. Rabor

    Rabor Guest


    Thank you for your measured response to David H, but I have to disagree with you. He did not bring a flame war here. He turned away from it there - if it was a flame war - to get a decent answer here. And he did not! You see, ONE exclamation mark and one word in capitals already shows hostility, already no civil answer. rstanley's response is strewn with them. In common English, the exclamation mark denotes shouting. Several together, all over is insane. There is also something like reading between the lines. Attitudes can be seen without even one emphasis. The internet's capitals came about since there was insufficient ways to emphasize and articulate. Thanks to Steve Jobs we now can.

    You are also correct in that David asked an opinion, not help. Initially, I also read that he did not do his homework properly. However; this same kind of aggravated response has turned me away from two other linux sites. This kind of snooty attitude in the Linux community is the last thing we need. It has taken me several years to pluck up the courage to get back into Linux against the possibility of having to handle this kind of nonsense.

    Your post, as compared to that of rstanley, is certainly not cuddly, but assertive, level and to the point. If we want to wean people off Windows, we will certainly not do so with feeding them vinegar.

    My comment to you and especially rstanley is, if you cannot bear patience to the noob, don't post. They are noob's exactly because they know squat about Linux. It will never be anything but old. It is a given that they will ask the same - even stupid - question all the time. Linux is a completely different animal from being force fed all the time. They also do not know the proper decorum on forums. Even better, point them to the forum rules. I haven't even read them yet, but I am sure they say; Read the FAQ's first before you post.
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