I am going to try making a linux based UE5 game

I am a Linux gamer. I like sandbox economical games (no battles) which are not too complex to understand and play. Kinda like Age of Empires but without the war part.
But I'm not much of a fan of Unity because it's a closed source and doesn't allow modding the game. Plus, the majority of the Unity games I have played have always been running poorly on Linux.
I game on my pc, (Linux Mint). And I've always liked first-person games. I like survival games (preferably with zombies) and shooter games (like Call of Duty) but I recon an open world zombie survival game would be cool. Doesnt have to be complex either.

There was this game I played with my cousin a while ago and it was REALLY fun. Game was called "Duck Game" I guess you could call it a platform shooter? it was local multiplayer and was very fun.

Thats just my opinion. Ill be keen to play whatever!
There's a whole demographic out there that is starved of content. Have a look at the mane quest on twitter or Facebook. The girlie there is a Dev/journalist and makes her case very clearly.
Ever wonder why theres hordes of girls riding around together staring at the scenery and generally hogging the server on red dead online?
If you want a laugh hop over to hunt and jump. That animal on the home page is what you get in game, it doesn't move, it's just a static image and people pay $50 for a single copy of 'restricted genes' (that can only be used if paid for) to pretty it up. Some people spend hundreds of dollars there.

Don't waste your time catering to the boys, that market is over saturated. Make something that female gamers can get into. It's currently an untapped market as most of the games are woefully bad.
The point of this is not money-making as it is going to be a Linux game and I see no point in free os but you pay to play a game. Also, welcome to linux.org.BTW is this type of game that you are talking about something you are interested in, or is it just a business-like idea?
Hi Dex, I've played all sorts of games over the years. I really like d&d type games but I don't play online as I hate pvp. I've lost count of the times I've asked devs for an opt out. I just don't get the mentality of killing another players character, and I get sick of dealing with power hungry psycho bullies when all I want to do is finish a quest. I gave up looking for an RPG with no PvP.
I do like pet based games, currently I play a horse racing sim and a horse ranching/exploration game.
One of the best games I ever played was a dog agility game for android. It was fast and furious fun, and you controlled the dog by tilting your tablet. I think it was probably someones college project, it wasn't around for very long.
What would my ideal game look like? An open world with muliple player races where you can build towns/farms plenty of crafting opportunities, livestock raising, quests/puzzles and a few dungeons because some days you just want to kill something.

A couple of ideas I've seen posted online....

A cattle ranching game.
A sheepdog trials game.

Also, kudos to you for wanting to make a free game, that's a rarity in this day and age.

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