I am extremely new to linux. It has only been about 15 days i have installed linux but my linux lite 5.4 is very slow


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puppy ,Peppermint, Q4, lubuntu, linux lite, Mx, bohdi, antix & zorin
Puppy and Q4 are both very light distributions [and so a little basic in their operation] the rest are light to medium..my personal preferences are MX and Peppermint but they all can work well, I usually suggest you run several different distributions live, as some will run smother than others , depending on the machine your using, also you will get a good idea if you like the desktop environment.

do i download 32bit or 64 or it doesnt affect performance.i am thinking about peppermint(cause i love peppermint flavour)and the requirement is :

Minimum System Requirements

Before installing Peppermint 10 Respin, note our minimum system requirements.

  • 1 GB of RAM
  • Processor based on Intel x86 architecture
  • 20GB of available disk space
Recommended System Requirements

  • 4 GB of RAM
  • x86_64 or amd64 compatible processor
  • 32 GB of disk space
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if you have a 64 bit system then that is what I would go for you can always increase the ram at a later date [second hand match ram are so cheap these days]
as I said before do try a few distro's
Just to say Peppermint 10 will be supported for a couple more years, Peppermint 11 was due out last year but due to the death of the project leader, it has taken time for the team to settle down , we now expect P11 at the end of this year.


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off topic.... on upgrading.. in theory your motherboard should be able to accept an intel E5700 twin core processor [2x1500 socket 775] as a maximum upgrade a second hand one is around £15 [$21] plus post and packaging [check out your local E-bay site] this + 4 gb ram should make a big difference in performance
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