I almost forgot to share today's article. It's about why I use Linux.


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I almost forgot to share this, which is odd, because I've wanted to write it for a while. It's a pure vanity article - meaning I more or less wrote it for me. It's my site, I can do that!

But, there's room for input. You can leave input here, or better still on the site - for other readers.

Note: I could have written 5000 words but I try to keep reading time under 5 minutes. There are so many other reasons to love Linux and so many of those points could be expanded to entire articles of their own.

For example, some of you may recall that I just ordered a new laptop. Everything worked - out of the box. I didn't have to install a single driver. It just worked. It's things like that that make me love Linux. The laptop even detected the USB and booted to it automatically. I never so much as saw the default Windows Pro install.
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