I accidentally put a wrong keyboard shortcut


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So, I was browsing some keyboard shortcuts. I put left shift as you can see in the pictures below as an "Alternative switch to next source" and it seems to be locked, and I can't find that keyboard shortcut in the keyboard settings, and I can't use the left shift for other things, I hope someone replies to this, it may seem like a minor issue but

Screenshot from 2019-08-13 15-39-07.png
Screenshot from 2019-08-13 15-39-37.png

I need help, please and thank you.


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G'day francesco, and welcome to linux.org

Are you running linux mint ?.....which one etc etc please


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Do you have Timeshift installed ?.....if so, then restore a previous snapshot

If not, ....how long have you had Ubuntu installed ?...is this a new installation ?

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