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I tried Opera, Vivaldi, Firefox, Chrome, and Chromium browsers and none would fully work. Firefox, chrome, chromium wouldn't make it past location checks. Opera would display the live guide and on demand but wouldn't play video. I ensured the location, drm, ad settings etc were set properly. Amazon Prime and Netflix worked on the all browsers but hulu was resistant.
Installing widevine, hal, and hal-info got amazon prime and netflix working.
I finally got it to work with brave browser. On brave's initial visit to hulu it properly sets up location and drm settings. Hulu on brave browser has been a smooth effortless experience so far.

Noticed a lot of forum posts on the internet about hulu not working on linux. I wanted to leave this here as hulu support, drm enabling guides were largely useless to get it working.


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I run Hulu in firefox and chromium, no problem. I also use youtubeTV.
Don't use Netflix anymore, so I can't validate that one.

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