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HP 15 f222wm with telikin


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Greetings from Florida. I inherited a hp laptop from my stepfather. I've discovered it was setup for seniors with Telikin. Telikin is very uncool, I'm being nice here. It's my understanding that Telikin is a linux system or it's being used as part of the telikin. I'd like to be able to replace it with a better Linux, (xp style hopefully), not sure which would be best for this laptop. Will there be any issues in accomplishing this? BTW this is a touch screen model. The specs (originally from hp anyway) are as follows.

Screen15.6 inches
Screen SurfaceGlossy
Pixels1366 x 768
Storage500 GB(All HDs and SSDs combined)
Solid State Drive0 GB
Ram4 GB
CPUIntel Pentium N3540 2.16 GHz (Bay Trail Quad-Core)
Operating SystemWindows 10

Any incite will be greatly appreciated.


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Thanks for the reply Aro, it is without doubt an HP and it is touchscreen. The Telikin people would use Hp's and others with thier altered Linux making a seniors capable machine. I'm guessing if you never used a computer it would then maybe be useful. I find it very irritating.
My concern is not finding bios. Can I just throw it in and it will automatically boot from disc? It's very hard to find access, but then, I'm a windows baby. I like nothing newer than xp, which is why I thought I'd try Linux.


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  1. Turn on or restart the computer.
  2. While the display is blank, press the f10 key to enter the BIOS settings menu...


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Well now I feel like an idiot. I tried all f numbers before to no avail.
Now I need to figure which linux would fit best.
Thanks again Aro.

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