How to update (incremental) large file on Linux while being on Windows?


Jul 8, 2017
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The file on Windows and on Linux is both like 95GB. The Windows file is a bit adjusted by the chkdsk which modified maybe a few bytes of data or maybe a few megabytes and i want the update take shortest time possible and take least resources. I am having SCP and physical access to both computers.

What would you suggest? PS: i know there is some WIndows port of the rsync, but i do not know if that would be useable for this file update case.

I don't think what you're asking for is very clear. All that I am understanding is that you have a file on 2 computers and you want to save time updating it. How are you updating it? Are you just trying to copy it from here to there? And where is 'here' and where is 'there'? Do both the Windows computer and the Linux computer have copies of the file?

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