how to update graphics drivers on linux mint

This kernel module is integrated in kernel. If i'am not a mistaken to update it you should update kernel.
is my intel hd graphics supposed to be like this?
Screenshot from 2020-02-16 21-11-45.png
how to update graphics drivers
Could you tell, why you want to update you're graphics drivers? Maybe something is not working correctly and for example you see low resolution of display? Tell me more about you're problem please.
is my intel hd graphics supposed to be like this?
For advance, please show the output of terminal commands (just text, not picture please):
lspci -knn | grep VGA -A3
sudo lshw -C video
ubuntu-drivers devices
By the way: i'm not prettly shure that the command ubuntu-drivers is on you're linux mint (mint is ubuntu-based, and the ubuntu-drivers command is typycal for ubuntu), so may be last command will be exit with error. If that will be do not do anything with that and just show output of terminal.
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Your screen shot looks normal to me.

If your desktop environment, resolution and general pc performance is working well I would leave things as they are.
If it isn't broke don't fix it:-

To look at your driver for your GPU look for "Driver Manager" in your start Menu.

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