how to take backup of all linux configuration files at once


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May 21, 2018
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is there any way i can take backup of all configuration files in linux at once using any tool or commands..
as i am in need for this while migrating server to another host in production environment.

It really depends on what you want to move over to the new server..

Plus, are the applications you're using the same versions? Odds are the old server has older versions than the new one so things may not line up exactly.

Plus, you may need to edit the various config files if there's a new IP on the other server, dif environment etc.. Post some more details and we'll help you out.

i have to move a sftp server to new sftp server.
it is just a sftp server.
i have installed a fresh linux os and now all data is to copy from source to target server
then i am looking for a configuration files that how can i move perfectly
Set up the new one with the same tfpd package, move over the user files (that they need for ftp), compare the versions and the config file..

I think default 'ftpd' might be in /etc/ftpd while ncftpd would be in /etc/ncftpd/ .. do you know which ftpd package your first server is running?
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ok i configure vsftpd and move all the things as you said
but one more last doubt, as i need to also configure and move /etc/* files.. so is there any way to compare/move at once.. i heard is it possible using bash scripts or git... can you help here... ?
i got it now... thanks for helping.. now i am starting my migration :)

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