[how to] Split FLAC or Wavpacks native in Linux


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Feb 25, 2019
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Some time ago I had found a program that can split flacs and wavpacks into tracks but it didn't want to run, so I skipped it. Now I tried it again and it did run - it's called FlacOn. I was amazed of how very easy to use it is and it doesn't require any special knowledge like some Windows programs. You just add a disc (or a cue file, if you have one), enter the output directory and let it do its thing. And in a few seconds you have the whole album split into tracks! :)

For Arch and Arch-based distros that use Arch repositories it can be installed from AUR like this:
trizen -S flacon
(I use trizen but you can replace trizen with your favorite AUR heler)

For other distros it can be installed through flatpak, following the instructions in the program's website:

Here's a screenshot of my using it a moment ago:

One downside is that it doesn't have an option for sound normalizing (Xrecode3 has such an option but it doesn't run in Linux anymore), however this can be achieved through the settings of your audio player, such as Audacious.
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