How to share a connection between two interfaces



Okay so either I am dummer then I look or there is a real problem here.

Fedora 23 Interface 1: enp9s0 Wired (Internet connection) Interface 2: wlp0s20u14 Wireless (no internet connection)

Here is what I am trying to do:

Create a wireless hotspot on interface 2 and then have anyone who connects to have access to the internet via interface 1 which is connected to the internet.

The list of things that I have tried thus far is hilariously long. Tried switching from firewalld to iptables, follow a good amount of guides on the net but to no avail.

Can anyone help me share the connection from interface 1 to interface 2 and all the devices connected to the interface 2?

Creating a hotspot seams to work and I get the dhcpd server to run on interface 2 and the devices get the ip addresses but they do not have internet access.

Could someone please help me out? I ran out of options here. If possible at all I would like to stick with firewalld due to some virtual machines that are running but if not I ll gladly take what I can get and iptables will do just fine.

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