How To Set Up a Wireless HP Printer in Manjaro 20 Gnome


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If you have a Wireless HP Printer and the HP Device Manager doesn't detect your printer here's what worked for me.

Go to the CUPS website: http://localhost:631

And add your printer that way. However you will need to know the URI of your printer in order to set it up at the CUPS website. You will also need the ip address of your printer.

I found my HP printers ip address by touching the wifi icon on the glass display of the printer it'self.

To find out your URI run this command:

hp-makeuri <ip address of your printer>

Once you add your printer URI you'll be taken to another menu to give your printer a name.
Then add the printer. A drop down menu should open. Go through the list until you find your printer/exact model and select it.

Next step the CUPS menu should show your HP connected and you can set the default settings.
I didn't set up the default settings but I did click on default settings and all was well.
My printer was recognized by the online CUPS website and all was well.

Here's the Arch WiKi I used to help me get things working:

Hope this helps someone-:)


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