how to send an automated email from linux machine


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i have linux machine which has 20 cal licenses .. all of these licenses are allocated to 20 users .. and if any user doesn't login into system from last 30 days then cal license allocated to him will be revoked.

my requirement is like this if any user has not logged into system from last 30 days .. he should get an automated email from machine like if " as u have not logged into machine from last 30 days your access will be revoked.

How can i do this in linux machine .. could you please provide me with any script ?


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You could write a script to check for that, setup a cronjob to run the script on a daily basis, and then the mail would be sent automatically if you have postfix setup up correctly and running.


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I have downloaded the ISO and verified the ISO's authenticity. I have a SATA USB adapter that connects to the SSD so I am able access the SSD. Is it possible to just install it directly into the new SSD without the use of a bootable DVD/USB?

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