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How To Roll Back A Kernel In Linux Mint 21.1.


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Oct 22, 2020
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Sometimes installing a new Kernel from the Update Manager could result in things not working correctly...this has only happened to me once years ago...lucky me.

It's very handy to know how to roll back a Kernel...just in case. My notes were from years ago...so I Re-wrote them for Mint Cinnamon 21.1 but will work for other Mints too.

1. Restart holding the Shift Key down which brings up the Grub Menu...the top Kernel is the one installed.

2. Select Advanced Options and select older Kernel...hit Enter...computer will boot to the Desktop...you now have the old Kernel installed.

3.Go to Update manager...View...Linux Kernels...Continue...you’ll see...5.19 and 5.15.

4. Go to 5.15...select Kernel 5.15.0-60 Active and click...Remove...once done the computer will boot to the previous Kernel...if you don’t remove Kernel 5.15.0-60 the computer will always boot to it.

This shows the latest Kernel installed.

Go to 5.15 you'll see the active Kernel.

Once you roll back the Kernel you'll see this.

Now you need to remove the active Kernel...just click Remove.

Wait till finished...now you're running the previous Kernel...you just have to wait for the next Kernel to be offered...to check what Kernel is active...run this command.
uname -r

Some may say just use Timeshift to "roll back" but what if it's not the new Kernel causing the problem...if you roll back the Kernel and the problem is still there at least you know.
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