How to Remote Access between two Windows PCs dual Connected with a Linux OS Machine ?


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Hi All,

I think my main heading is not that understandable. Let me explain the scenario and then please guide me how can I do it?

I have a Network, in which mostly All Linux OS Machines are installed. I have one Windows PC installed in that same Network which can access the software running on the Linux Machines.
In this Network, One Linux machine (*) has two LANs. One is connected with the same network, And the Second LAN is connected with other long distended network through which I can connect from my Windows PC to copy or save the files in or from the other Machines (using ssh).

Now the requirement is that I want to connect with the Windows PC of that Network (as Remote Desktop) by using that Linux OS Machine (*).

I have used MobaXterm software to get the display of Other Linux OS machines through that Linux Machine (*) .. But kindly guide me how can I connect with the Windows PC in this scenario?

For example:

1- Win PC IP of that Network:
2- Linux Machine LAN1 IP:
3- Linux Machine LAN2 IP:
4- My Win PC IP :

I want to make remote desktop connection between 4 and 1 .

I hope I explained well to make it understandable. Kindly help me out.


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