How to properly partition SSD/HDD to use two operating systems


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Apr 1, 2022
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Good colleagues! I've been a Linux user for a while, I use it on a daily basis, but sometimes I have to do some things on Windows, so I ended up installing a virtual machine. So, I currently use Debian, by mistake and inexperience in the installation of my OS I ended up installing the testing version and I wanted to change to the stable version so taking advantage that I will do a new installation I would like to know what would be the correct procedure to partition my SSD to install two operating systems, namely Linux Debian 11 obeying those rules of separation of the different directories Root, Home, swap and boot and another probably Windows 10? My SSD is 1Tb, and I wanted to reserve approximately 100Gb for Windows 10 and the rest for Debian 11. What would be your suggestion?

There's no hard and fast answer. Drpends what you do and your preferences. Here's what I would do with 1TB (minus the Windows bit):

512MB       /boot  
40GB          /
10GB          /var                   (Victory loves preparation, things build up here. That said, I've never needed even 5GB)
10GB          /tmp                 (Probably 2GB would be okay, but I keep options open, and I personally use it a lot, as does my software(
xxxGB        /home
8GB            swap*
10GB         Rescue install**
160GB      Windows partitions***

*Swap notes: If you have >= 16GB RAM, you probably don't need swap. This will even boost performance as it forces everything into RAM. SSDs are not optimal for swap due to the read/write limits. Finally, unless you run a server, 8GB should be your target swap size, regardless of RAM (unless you have under 4GB and are going to do memory-intensive tasks, then increase it to 12-16GB)

**I like to have a basic, usuable system in case I break my install. That way, I can mount /home manually, continue working, and fix my OS later

***IDK much about Windows since 7, but many gParted screenshots posted here show 2 Windows partitions. Also, Windows will not install on under a certain size as of 7 (IDK if this changed. IIRC, min was 100GB. Now, TBH, I would advise you try and get your Windows apps working on WINE. I mean really try. Almost all non-gaming stuff runs perfectly on WINE today. Failing that, I would say look into running Windows in a VM on bare metal via hypervisor and passthrough.

Side note: You can always upgrade testing to unstable if you want a better Debian experience. Fixes happen quicker there than testing. Though I still use stable on my production machine as it is the most solid distro+branch (for GNU Linux at least).

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