How to install RHEL from extracted .iso content - please help :)


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I downloaded developer edition of RHEL. Since my pendrive did not let me copy the iso file since it was too big single file, I extracted the image and copied the content over.
I have a Ubuntu installation and wish to dual boot install RHEL on it. I have no idea how to install RHEL from the extracted content (have been a windows guy). Tried searching on the net for quite some time, but can't find a solution. Your help is appreciated.


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G'day @jrpathak and welcome to :)

You cannot install any Linux by extracting the content of an .iso.

The .iso has to be burned to a USB stick or DVD such as you did with Ubuntu. If using Windows you could use Rufus or Etcher, just Google

Windows burning solutions linux to <medium>

or if in Ubuntu, try out Balena-Etcher or Unetbootin.

If you have paid for the developer edition, then you can get support from RedHat itself, but if you have to ask these questions (not being unkind) I do not know that you are ready for it?


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Appreciate your quick response Chris! Thank you for your patience in answering my basic question and being accommodative of a newbie!
I will try and download the image on my ubuntu computer and burn it to the pendrive and try. Thank you.

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