How to install proper AMD GPU driver (Arch Linux)


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May 21, 2023
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As someone who has used Debian-based Linux distributions for a long time, I recently wanted to take a look at Arch Linux. But I guess it must be due to my naivety that I couldn't even fully install and set up the proper graphics driver, so I had to revert to cumbersome Windows. Frankly, I generally like to learn something, but using Arch was a bit difficult for me. At least, as in Debian-based Linux distributions, I guess the graphics drivers are not installed very easily. I would like to say that I am using an AMD family graphics card in my computer (RX 6700 XT - 12 GB).
What I want to ask is:
1-) How do I download and fully set the graphics drivers correctly on Arch Linux?
2-) How much will my performance loss be compared to Windows? (The reason I asked this question is that even though I haven't installed the graphics drivers properly [i.e., at least I just wrong installed it], I installed League of Legends via Lutris and I did a small test, and when I saw a value between 800–1200 fps when the fps setting was "unlimited" on Windows, I was getting around 50–75 fps in Arch.)
I want to use my graphics card to its full performance. In general, I don't play games that require very high graphics, but still getting very low fps with such a powerful graphics card bothers me.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

No, he is on Arch, and hasn't been back to this thread since May, so the issue is likely solved.


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