How to install Linux CentOS to be ready for datacenter housing?


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I would like to use CentOS 6.6, i see i can use ISO, netinstall for example.
But im not sure how exactly i should install it so after it is plugged to the electricity and internet in datacenter, it start working and i can remotelly connect is via SSH

What are exact steps to do so networking works automatically & properly after pluggin the server in different network? Thank you
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You have to configure the network interface according to the network specifications of the network you moved your system too, to have it down automitcally the network would have support dhcp and your network interface would need to be configured for dhcp as well. Also I wouldn't recommend using CentOS6.x since it is EOL was 30-11-2020 which means it isn't supported anymore and won't be getting anymore updates, switch to a supported version.


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Also, are you planning on sending a box to a data center? If you're planning on leasing a server, most come with some method to install the OS and set it up through a control panel (of which there are multiple choices).

If you're sending a physical box for colo, then just set it up ahead of time and it should work when they plug it in and toss it into the mix with the switch(es). At most you should only need some network settings which they'll provide.

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