How to install an impact , thermal and Citizen printer to Linux server?



I am trying to install an IBM 4247 Impact printer, IBM 4400 Thermal printer and Citizen CLP-621 Thermalprinter to a Linux server which will be used to print PDF documents generated by Oracles BI Publisher. I have tried the IBM and Citizen websites for a linux driver but neither one offers any. Is there a driver I can download that will allow me to print the documents?


Padre King

Find out what they each emulate. We set most of the Brother and HP printers up as text only and they print just fine. If they require the foomatic driver to print the special pdf formatted stuff, then you need to get the apropriate driver. Better yet invest in a more current printer and a networked one to boot. Check out the built in printer drivers for the different manufacturers and buy one that matches. I'm assuming you do want best quality printouts.
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