How to get rid of GRUB - urgent help needed



I had Linux (forgot the version) installed together with windows XP.
Having problems starting Linux i used partition magic (under windows) to delete the partitions created by Linux.

Now I have the problem, that I can not boot wether from HD nor from CD, always getting the message GRUB not found or similar.

I have installed partedmagic on an USB-stick and I can start and use this distribution.

After new-partitioning defect partitions in partedmagic all seems to be ok.

But booting from HD or CD is still unpossible. Grub is allways stopping boot process.
The messages are: GRUB loading stage 1.5
Grub loading error 22

Then the system stops.
What can I do?

Urgent help needed



Best thing to do would be to use the Boot Disk (or CD) that should have been made when installing XP in the first place (or before installing any GNU/Linux distro). Failing that, buy EasyBCD.

I suggest the latter and using gparted to create partitions next time. Windows utilities don't cut it for Linux!


Wahl is your aim? Do you want your Linux install to be bootable again? Or do you want windows to boot and your no so fussed about Linux booting?


What is your hard drive and partition layout? Where is windows installed and where is Linux installed

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