How to dual boot ubuntu and mac os without refind?


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I'm trying to install ubuntu on my MacBook air 2019 with Catalina 10.15.6. But my MacBook has the secure boot feature which doesn't allow refind to work at all and I'm not feeling comfortable to disable secure boot, so is there any way to dual boot without refind?


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I've learned that if you have a UEFI machine with secure boot you will have to disable it in order to install Linux.

This is a fairly good search that should at the very least be a starting point to getting your question answered.
Sorry I don't know much about MacBooks.

Good luck:-



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well I have a motherboard with UEFI firmware ; i'm running Slackware current , with secure boot off. My simple concept of UEFI is that it was to prevent PC's from being booted up with malicious software. Thats means someone has to have access to my laptop in order to do that and UEFI will still not prevent a PC getting rootkit or virus once booted up(although so far I never had a rootkit or virus) so its a pretty narrow area of concern to me. With more than one OS being used if one of them has GRUB then, GRUB can be used to boot other OS's. I'm not sure with how that would play with MAC though

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