How to configure wifi in CLI mode in centos


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I want to know the steps to configure WIFI on linux in CLI mode. I have install Centos 7 on my laptop and it works well except for the WIFI module.
Please let me know the step to configure wifi from command line.


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Try this...

nmcli dev show

This should show your Wifi hardware type.

nmcli conn show

This should show if you have any Wifi connections setup.

nmcli dev wifi list

This should show any WiFi SSIDs you can connect to.


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To connect to Wifi you can do this...

nmcli radio

This will show if your wifi radio is turned on.

nmcli dev

This will list your NIC hardware (including the Lan)

nmcli device wifi list

This will list any SSIDs nearby you can connect to.

nmcli dev [wifi] connect [SSID-Name] password [wireless-password]

example: nmcli dev wlp3s0 connect LINUXWIFI password [email protected] save yes autoconnect yes

The last two flags are optional depending on it you want to automatically re-connect at startup.

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