How is it distrubtion ?


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Dec 21, 2020
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Hello, i want to download this distribution (look at the picture).I know it is KALI. I want to install this right side panel and colors text.Where i can download it ?
Here is some link:


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The link in your post is to a .bashrc file - all that will provide is the coloured terminal output you can see in the left-hand side of the screenshot.

The panel on the right of the screenshot is a program called Conky.

You can get lots of different themes for Conky to change the way it looks and the information it displays.
Or you can create your own custom look/feel/theme for it by altering its config file using lua - a scripting language.

I'm not sure offhand which theme is in use in that screenshot.
It may be one that you can download and install yourself, or it might be something that somebody has made themselves.

Conky is in the repositories of pretty much all Linux distributions.
If you're using Kali, or any other Debian based distro - you can install Conky using apt:
sudo apt install conky

If you're using any other Linux distro - just use your distros native package management tools (dnf, pacman etc etc).

Personally, I use the default conky config, with a few slight modifications to show only the few bits of system information I'm interested in seeing and information from a few little scripts I have written.
And I would use almost any other distro aside from Kali.
If you have to ask these questions, Kali is not the Linux for you.

This isn't a slight, it's just reality. Kali should not be used by new Linux users. You WILL NOT become a leet hexX0R with it. You can't even keep it running properly or use the tools. We see it time and time again, and you are no exception to the rule.

That's fine. It's okay - it really is. We were all beginners at some point. If you don't know what those things are, a bashrc file and conky, you're a novice Linux user at best.

Learn to use Linux for a few years, and learn the tools while you're doing so. Then, and only then, move to Kali.

Again, I'm not being mean. I'm just telling you how it is. Kali is not for you - yet. It can be, but you gotta work your way there. Trying to use it now will just lead to frustration and tears.


Also, read the stickied post in this subsection of the forum.
And I would use almost any other distro aside from Kali.

LOL I got the notice of your message as I was hitting send on mine. I saw it and still decided to post mine.

I am getting a bit weary of having to tell folks that Kali is not the distro for them - yet. I really wish they'd put that back on their site. They used to clearly state that they weren't a distro for beginners - and that it should be run as a live OS. Those messages are no longer on their site, unless they're in the forum somewhere.
You can make any distribution look how you want if you put the time in it. Running Kali and making it look like you are a l33t h4cK0R doesn't make you a hacker. Also asking others how to do something which you can easily do yourself if you took the time to learn how GNU/Linux works isn't very hacker like and a total opposite mindset of a hacker. First learn to do your own research and learn how to learn independently, if you aren't willing to do those first you might as well find a different area of work or hobby.

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