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How do YOU pronounce 'sudo'?

How do YOU pronounce sudo

  • sue-due / sue-doo

    Votes: 22 22.4%
  • sue-dough / sue - doh

    Votes: 76 77.6%

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Like so many things... I learned it "wrong" early on, but there's hope for me to change in time. So, I think I'm incorrectly saying "sue doh" because "sue doo" makes more sense when you remember what the command is about:

Hey, Super User, DO this command for me!

I'm just glad that I've finally learned to say, Linux as "lih nucks" instead of "lie nucks". :confused::eek::D:D

Good question, Rob!

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I pronounce "sudo" the same way I pronounce "judo" the right way of course. :p:D

P.S. I corrected my spelling error. :oops:
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I voted "Sue Dough" but I'll throw a spanner in the works, as Wizards invariably do :D:rolleyes:

However, I'll leave my comments for a couple of weeks until we get some more of a voting base :)

I like @poorguy 's comment, but was that "coarse" or "course", Mate ? :cool::Do_O



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Grammatically, an Australian will always choose the easiest , fastest, and less taxing pronunciation that he/she can,

sudo as in judo.....(thanks poorguy)


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actually.....Yes . We will expend as little effort as is humanly possible to say whatever it is we have to say.....

"s'do"....may be even closer (s'doe)

Geez Rob.....sure hope you like your topic being derailed and screwed around with...


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