How do you Limit access to ONE website only



I have a laptop with Win Xp; however I need employees to go to only ONE WEBSITE (where they would fill in customer info; then it would take them to another page or two).

HOW Can I restrict them to only go to just the ONE website?
(preferably using Firefox)

Here are my thoughts:
  1. I really don't want to mess with the recently reinstalled XP, (in case I can sell it) However, being that XP is out of date and has no support:
  2. I was thinking of simply locking Bios, and User Access on Laptop so they would have NO ACCESS to originally installed OS on the laptop.
  3. Then using a CD to Boot/Start something like Puppy Linux, or DSL..
  4. But then how would I get them to only be able to go onto the ONE website from there?

I don't know anything about Linux, however I am fairly well versed with the Windows Products. I know this can be done, I just don't know exactly how to do it. Please advise.

Thank You for your Suggestions



Linux 101, welcome to the forum. One option for you is to make a custom web browser. I have not done this yet, but here is a video that explains how to do it in Ubuntu.

Create it with just a few buttons that take the user directly to the web pages needed. Don't add the url entry area. Then,create a user account with basically no permissions and uninstall everything that is not needed in this account.

Locking down the Bios will not guarantee that someone can't boot their own OS on the computer, though. I have bypassed Bios passwords, thumb print readers, and other security measures relatively easily in the past (don't ask). But, it will help to make it harder to do so.

Also, you can create your own live distro with basically just your custom made browser. You can then take the hard drive out and have the employees boot directly off the disk. The advantage to this is that no matter what they do, it is not permanent. The next boot will give them the exact same computer they started with. The disadvantage is that they could put their own disk in and boot from that, but again, the next boot with your disk will give the exact same computer as it did the time before. Another disadvantage is that computer tend to run a lot slower when booting from a live disk.

Hope this helps and let us know how it works out for you.


Although that wasnt the way I was thinking of doing it, once watching the video, (one of the BEST tutorials Ive seen in a long time!) I think that may just be the way I could achieve this! Thanks for the heads up and the awesome tutorial, if you know of anymore of that caliber I sure would like to know about them!
Thanks again!

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