How do i get rid of Linux Lite, and install new OS, preferably Xubuntu. (new boi here)


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Jun 17, 2022
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Hi! I have NO idea what i'm doing.
Uh, so ive never used linux before, i only got into it because of DankPods.
But apperently i chose the wrong OS because Linux Lite is not that great, ive been locked out twice, and now im scared its gonna happen, the first time i just used my bash and cleaned up, and it worked, i have no idea what i did the second time.
Anyways, can someone help me here?
signed, some kid trying Linux

(p.s I Tried to keep capitalization but its hardddd)

welcome to the forums
Do you have any work/ files/folders/pictures you need to save, if so do this first, [external drive or usb may be best]
Do you have any other operating systems on that drive [windows or mac] that you need to keep?
finally, what is the full make and model number and approximate age of the machine to are trying to install to
nope, off with everything i have, its uninportant xd, i can just reinstall my games and stuff
Just install Xubuntu,

When it comes to the question, tell it to install to the whole disk (or similar).

(You are not installing alongside, or manually partitioning, or anything like that.)

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