How could you be so dumb?- PC rants about owner. (For Condobloke)

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May 8, 2021
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Someone keeps telling me I write well, that I can "spin a good yarn". I originally posted this in another forum 5 years ago. People seemed to like it. I'm copying it here for the person who seems to enjoy my writing.

That anyone thinks I can write blows my mind. I'm a math/science person. Physics, chemistry, biology, horticulture, statistics, calculus, trig... I did very well in these classes.
But composition? I had to work my butt off for those grades. My aunt was an English professor at a prestigious university. She started grammar lessons with on day 1 of my life. I'm still confused...

So any, I wrote this several years ago and I'm re-posting it here for Condobloke.


How could you be so dumb?? I've been a happy computer since the day you brought me home. But what you did recently boggles my CPU mind.

Aren't we supposed to be laughing at the ridiculous things your husband does?? That poor HP....No Windows Updates, no security updates? He deletes his recovery files because he doesn't want clutter and 'Unnecessary Files' taking up space on the hard drive. He sprays the monitor and keyboard with water to clean them. Downloading dangerous files and you have to go clean up the messes.....

I always felt so important and well cared for until now. All my software up to date. Compressed files and so forth. You're so cautious browsing the internet, careful not pick up malware along the way. I was never dirty, on the inside or the outside. I even have my very own air purifier to protect me from the dust and kitty fur.

So you can imagine how shocked and very hurt I was when you didn't think about me a few weeks ago. You were sanding the floors and plaster in the back room, ALL DAY LONG! You and your stupid little besty the sander having a ball while I'm working overtime providing music!

I get so angry when I think of all the things you could have done to keep me safe. But oh no, you did absolutely NOTHING to protect me. NOTHING AT ALL!!!

If you cared anything about me, at the very least you could closed the door in the room where you were sanding. And if you loved me at all, you could have done so much more than that..... Seal the door off, turn off the A/C and open the windows in that room. Yes, this summer is a lot hotter than most, but at least I would have been SAFE! You and your friend the sander could have waited until Fall to do your stupid project! You could have covered me up with a towel! You could have done any number of things. Your so anal sometimes, I'm surprised you didn't remove me from the house all together!

But there we were...

Me and my friend the air purifier doing her best to keep me safe! But it's just too much. The dust! The dust! OMG! THE DUST! It's so thick, it's settling on everything in the room! USB ports, the ones on the front... The openings are facing up! Dust is falling into them. Oh no! The speaker, the mic port and.... I have no idea what that other thing is, but it's getting covered too! What do we do?

My poor, poor little friend .... her filter is covering over with dust so fast! She's choking on it!...Now she's crying... crying because it's soooo hard to breath..... Crying for me...... She sees the dust disappearing behind the vents in my tower.... She cries some more, even harder now because she's helpless to stop it.

I'm trying to be strong for my friend, I won't let myself cry. 'It's okay little air purifier. She loves us too much to let this go on much longer! She'll be here any second now, I just know it! And she will feel so bad.... She'll be apologizing... feeling horrible that she was so thoughtless...!

Finally, a few hours later... You FINALLY show up! My heart drops at the site of you, I love you so much! I can't be angry, I know you wouldn't do this on purpose, that you'll never do this again!

You walk right up to me grabbing the mouse.... Thank God! You're here to turn me off and clean me up... I just knew you would remember!

'You see little air purifier? I was right, I knew she would come soon and she..."

Wait a minute, something's not right....what are you doing??? You looking at the MEDIA PLAYER?? No way, I can't believe this, you came in here to change what's playing?? LOOK AT ME!! Don't you see all the dust?? I'm choking on it! I can feel it all over my MOBO, my fans, it's EVERYWHERE! My friend is dying here, she needs emergency care!

Hey!!! Where are you going?? Don't walk away when I'm talking to you! DID YOU HEAR ME? i SAID DON'T...........

I can't believe you're back there again with the sander!

I don't know how much longer the air filter is going to last. She's really quiet now, I can barely hear her pulling air through her filter. She's not crying anymore. I'm getting so scared now. When is this going to end?? I could just quit... I could just lay down with my friend. We can leave this cruel world together. Maybe it's just not worth it anymore.....

You saw all the dust when you came in later that night. You vacuumed. You wiped things down. You changed the A/C's air filter. But all you did for me was to wipe down the tower. You didn't bother to look closer, You didn't even notice the air purifier. I was too tired and dirty to try to get your attention, too tired to even be angry.

I was so depressed then, but now I'm just ANGRY!

It was an ENTIRE WEEK before you realized that my insides might be dirty! I can't believe how selfish you are! Yeah, you finally cleaned me up. It took the better half of a day to do it too. Serves you right!

I'm GLAD you had to take out the fans, the video card, practically gut me to get everything cleaned up. You don't know how LUCKY you are! Lucky that my friend and I are okay. You cleaned us, but we are still mad. I should quit working out spite. You need a good scare!

I've been talking to our neighbors, the monitor, keyboard and mouse, the speaker system and the printer. They all say they think they are fine, but time will tell. We had a meeting about you, deliberated about what we should do.... Some of us are angrier than others. Some wanted to leave you, some wanted to break down to cause trouble for you. I won't say who, but someone thought about causing a short circuit in their innards that would hopefully catch fire....

Speakers has been with you the longest. He said that he joined the family close to ten years ago and you've always been good to him, protected him, kept the cats from knocking them over and such. He said the whole time he's known you, you've never done anything so stupid. He said that he's been around since Booh-Kitty I, your first PC. He reports that she died gracefully and so have all the other Booh-kittys. It's only because of him that we were all able to agree to give you a second chance.

But we are not letting you off easy. We are putting you on probation. We can't say for certain that none of us are going to suffer longer term handicaps as a result of your senseless cruelty. At this point we have no idea if we'll be able to make it to our expected life terms. We've decide that your probation will be indefinite. As long as you don't do anything so stupid again, we will all do our best to function normally and live as long as we can.

I want you to realize that you've totally destroyed our trust in you. We want a written statement of apology and acknowledgement of stupidity. Hopefully, one day maybe we can all be a happy family again.....

Only time will tell.

Booh-Kitty VII and the gang.

I remember booh-kitty.

I have been a member at BC since ::


Member Since 06 Jul 2010

At long last I have tired of that place and all the crap that goes on the extent that I cleared all my followed topics/and forums etc etc etc, and signed out completely.
The Linux help area there is a joke, and probably always will be.
I remember booh-kitty.

I have been a member at BC since ::


Member Since 06 Jul 2010

At long last I have tired of that place and all the crap that goes on the extent that I cleared all my followed topics/and forums etc etc etc, and signed out completely.
The Linux help area there is a joke, and probably always will be.
I remembered your name. I asked you about Linux there.
The Linux help area there is a joke, and probably always will be.
I didn't go there for Linux help for a few reasons.
  • I remembered you telling me I would find better help at a Linux forum
  • Nothing I saw there looked hopeful and there didn't seem to be much activity
  • Most of them seem very rude and dismissive.

No matter how pointed I tried to make my question and the specific things I already tried to do on my own, I don't think they actually read much of it.

The last time I was there I was replacing the power switch. The new connector for the switch was in four pieces.The original was in 1 piece. I had trouble figuring out exactly where to put everything. I told them I looked at the the manual for my MOBO but things still weren't clear for me.

I gave them the specs of my MOBO.
I gave them a picture of the 2 connectors, old and new side by side, labeled in red letters.

I gave them pictures of my MOBO
  • One with the entire board, model number circled in red
  • A picture with my old connector in place circled in red
  • A picture of the MOBO without the connector circled in red.
  • I told them I looked at the manual for my MOBO.
  • I put a link to the the manual for my MOBO
I gave them all the information they say you should give when you ask a question. I edited my question for specificity and down to as few words as possible.

The very first response I received was a link to my MOBO manual, exactly the same link I gave in my question. That was it.

Someone else told me if it didn't look the same I must have bought the wrong one. I've been messing with computers long enough to know that's not always the case. Each separate plug is labeled. The same label are in the MOBO manual.

I didn't bother responding to either. After several more answers like the first 2, I got my answer from someone who obviously looked at the information I gave. He explained the connectors.

What it came down to is that I was looking at the diagram sideways. Normally that sounds ridiculous. But had use my phone to look at the diagram, which meant zooming in to the picture. Orientation got turned around on a tiny picture. I was also at a critical point in my divorce, under major stress. A lot of information on my PC hadn't yet been backed up yet.

There was no way in hell I was going to ask them for any help.
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If it's only integrated graphics, everything is fine with Booh-Kitty VII, atleast for now.

I broke a capacitor on the graphics card a few months ago. I thought I fixed it. I'm going to get a new capacitor and get out the soldering iron. I never quite got the hang of soldering. There are better videos now on YouTube since my last attempt. That was 14 years ago. I've done some simple soldering since then, the kind that only requires a lighter and sloppiness isn't a problem.

I have another old graphics card, but it's not in the box with all the other parts I kept from Booh-Kitty VI. She was a rebuild using Booh-Kitty V's CPU and graphics card.

I suspect that what happed to Booh-Kitty VII may be the similiar to what happened to Booh-Kitty V. Her heat sink fan quit working. Things got hot and damaged the integrated graphics. Rather than buy an entirely new PC and on an educated hunch, I bought a second hand graphics card, and a new fan. It worked.

VI was built using V's CPU and graphics card. When the CPU finally gave out I couldn't find another Core II quad processor that would fit the socket in my MOBO. By then, The Core i series was on the market. I bought an entirely new PC. I didn't want another PC with a generic MOBO. It's pain in the ass to find out anything about them. I liked the ASUS MOBO I used in VI. I need something that can handle CAD and 3D software without freezing. VII was born as the ASUS I have today.

So anyway!

I HOPE that it's the integrated graphics. It's right next to the sink. But, well I don't have to you it's also on top of the CPU.

The heat sink fan works fine. When I cleaned the thermal past on the GPU, it was crumbly. Thanks to Condobloke I can tell you the name of that gray paste that does the insulating!

My computer wasn't on very long when I saw the weird lines on my monitor. If things got hot like they did with BK V, I HOPE the integrated graphics is the ONLY thing that was damaged. My moniter doesn't receive any signal from the PC now, so I can't look at error codes.

It's worth a last ditch effort to replace the thermal paste on the heat sink and replace that capacitor. If it comes to it, even a cheap second hand graphics card would be worth it. If nothing else, I can use it in a rebuild.

I have a lot of questions about this that I don’t have answers for. But for now, that stuff has to wait.

Wow! That was a lot to finally get around to saying I'm not going BC if I can't find answers on my own. I'll go to another forum. But unfortunately and from my experience, most Windows forums seem to be full of pompous jerks.
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And a note about my aunt...

As a Senior in high-school, I took Latin word study. I saw her at Xmas that year. I think she was testing me and didn't think I would know what she told me when she said, "I am a septagenarian. Do you know what that is?"
I smiled when I replied, "It means you're in your 70's."

She looked surprised AND embarrassed. She never tested me again, especially after I told her about the word I made up.

That laugh I attached to post#5...was because your comments re the 'help' over there rang so true !
That laugh I attached to post#5...was because your comments re the 'help' over there rang so true !
I can't see the picture. I have Ublock origin, maybe that's why. It's just now occurring to me that I can turn it off to find out....Let me try that.
No, that didn't work. I'll have to figure it out later. I'm about to install those updates now.
Initially it was going to take 42 minutes to download all those updates. 13 minutes. Whew! Installed them all, restarted.
Questions. I'm not sure if my initial ones should be in Distribution specific or Getting Started.
... Updating to 23.3, installing my VPN because it speeds up my connection, A LOT and security. Not exactly sure which should be first right now....

I'll give it my best guess. I'm sure a moderator will move it I post in the wrong forum.

See you in a different post.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a low opinion of that other forum. When I go there for help, it's hard to not feel kind of dumb when I get those kind of responses, or the way I posed my question makes me seem dumb or the answer should be obvious. I get taken more seriously when I go to an automotive store. They might assume I don't know anything at first. But when I start talking about cleaning the top engine and mass airflow sensors, they usually take me a little more seriously.

It's been a very long time since needed to go there for anything until very recently. For the most part, I've been able to figure things out on my own with internet searches and a lot of reading.
First cab off the rank, would be to set up Timeshift, and then Create the first snapshot.

By doing that, if anything goes south, you will have that snapshot to restore to.

I'll give Wizardfromoz a call and ask if he wishes to guide you through that or if he is content for me to do the honours


(his name just above preceded by an @ will alert him)
First cab off the rank, would be to set up Timeshift, and then Create the first snapshot.

By doing that, if anything goes south, you will have that snapshot to restore to.

I'll give Wizardfromoz a call and ask if he wishes to guide you through that or if he is content for me to do the honours


(his name just above preceded by an @ will alert him)
I'm going to read about it first. I'll understand it a lot better if I do that first. Just the way my brain works! I look for an article here first.

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