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Hey guys,
a few days ago I started to create my own Linux distribution, mainly for learning and fun.
I called it hipster Linux, because it should be a Linux distribution for people thet want to use their computer just from the commandline and do other hipster things.
It's based on arch and I already compiled my own kernel.
Download here: https://sendmania.com/download/gp3QES5Spe6Q/ (will just work 5 days long)

just write .img file to a usb-drive (8GB or more) and reboot.
It will just work on UEFI-systems.

user is root
password is hip

!! default keymap is german !!, so u may change it in /etc/vconsole.conf
So do u have some thinks u think I could have done better? or any other tribute like a logo?

replys would be nice,


Hey Peer,

I have some work for you.

[email protected]

New UK Distro in English. email me for more if you are interested?

We have started building Bespoke Raspberry Pi4 with any Distro of your choice based in Preston UK.

I don't know if, I'm allowed to head hunt on here. But Linux is Free..... and I want to collaborate.

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