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Hi all!

My name is Miguel, I'm from Portugal and use GNU/Linux since 2006. After I finish the High School, I bought my first laptop (Sony Vaio) and, after pass the 15 days warranty (portuguese law for change the stuff if we didn't like them) I formatt the hard drive and install the best Operating System ever, GNU/Linux!! Arch linux was the selected distro! Before select "my distro"I tested many others (from the first to last: Mandrake 8.3 (yeaah it be a looooong time ago), OpenSuSE, Debian, ubuntu, Slackware, Zenwalk and ArchLinux). I learned a lot of stuff and studied to get LPI Certificate, but for financial reasons I didn't complete the certification.

Nowadays, I work on school and I'm in middle of the big change of that school: I started the migration all windows machines to Linux! yeeaahh! Finally! I'm loving this process!

Beside the work, I've two machines (windows for steam and gaming), macbook (for development) and Raspberry Pi with linux (for constant learn about linux).

See you around the forums!
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I started the migration all windows machines to Linux! yeeaahh! Finally! I'm loving this process!
Wow, Miguel, that is awesome. Go Portugal go :D

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Welcome on board young fella - Always great to have someone so enthusiastic around - looking forward to your posts on here.
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Thanks @Ptahhotep .

I remember (missing those days) when I installed GNU/Linux first time. That boot of the Mandrake 8.2 and after few minutes (yes, few minutes) I merge into that underworld called Linux! So fascinating and obscure at the same time! I loved the explore the system, the installation process, play few games and I don't have internet, so, on day after, I "run" to my local library and read the books. I'm introduced (or forced to :p ) to Linux.
This episode turns back to 2002, when I installed Mandrake I deleted Win98 partition and, consequente, all stuff I've on that hard drive are gone. My computer was Intel Pentium II 360MHz, 4GB Hard Drive, 62MB Ram and ATi Rage2 graphics card! MACHINE!! ;D

Before you question, no, I don´t have any help of my friends to get into this world! I was self taught! I found linux on internet (at school) and ask to IT guy from that school if he know this OS and if he have the CD's to install on my machine. This guy burn for me the Mandrake 8.2 (3 CD's). When I arrive at home... Magic happens!

The years are passing, many distro's I've installed and testing (or in local HDD or in a virtual machine) and found one I fall in love :p Arch Linux!! I love the concept of freedom and choose what we want to install. It's like a mechanic, I like understand what we need to take to install software X or Y. With Raspberry Pi, many doors are opened to this way. We can polish the OS the way we want! The Raspberry Pi have one "big" issue: sometimes are slow to operate the tasks we want, but if we "ignore" this, we have a tiny computer on your hands and we can get more knowledge. "Knowledge does not occupy place!"

This is my history, my introduction to this world!

I hope you liked.

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