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My name is tracy and i run parents2parents.co.uk and i wanted to add a forum to my site. I did this using phpbb but i have had nothing but trouble especially form other companies saying i am sending them messages, so i have had to delete it all and start over.
I need the most basic forum going one i can keep an eye on myself and i am not sure where to start.
any advice would be most appreciated.

Hey Tracy, Welcome to LinuxForum! :)

I'm sure we could help you with your matter. If you're looking for a free forum software i would suggest you to try out MyBB. It has a simple interface, has lots of professional themes and it's easy to configure and setup.

I personally Love borth MyBB and phpBB. I'm more used to working with phpBB and it's MOD.'s. If you're members have been getting their mails a lot, make sure you configure your MOD.'s or mass email feature.
Hi Tracy and Welcome! I don't know much about forum adding myself but my cousin swears by Vanilla. Im not sure if its free or not, I can ask, but I do know its very easy to set up. Or looks so anyways lol.
MyBB is a great alternative, but it all comes down to personal preference!

Feel free to PM me if you'd like some more advice :)

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