Hi, my Scrot screenshots get pixeled when I upload them.


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Oct 24, 2021
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Like I said, the pics get pixeled, when I upload them to various sources. When I look at them locally they are absolute fine. Here is a sample. I use Xorg with Compton and Urxvt


  • 2022-03-14-001838_1920x1200_scrot.png
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To save bandwidth, many sites will reduce the quality of images automatically as they're uploaded.

But, it shouldn't be as bad as is in your image.

Let's try a simple test.

Take one of your original images and include it in a response to this thread.

Next, let's take a look at your browser... Is this behavior the same in every browser you use, or just with one?

I am using Brave Browser, I'm gonna try another in a sec

Now using Firefox
Am I missing something here?!
All of the pictures uploaded by the OP look absolutely fine to me! :/
All of the pictures uploaded by the OP look absolutely fine to me! :/
Looks fine to me as well when you open them [I have to enlarge them to read, but that's my ageing eyes]
Yeah, those all look fine. Thanks for uploading the additional images just to get a sampling.

I'm not sure what the complaint is about at this point. Click on 'em to expand them to full size and they're perfectly legible.
Also, I should probably ask which site OP is uploading to?

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