Hi im so stupid Can you help me with DHCP

David, might be appropriate to move this to Networking?


Chris Turner

Might as well. That's a more appropriate sub forum.
It's fixed now Wizard i Love this website

We do too, it is more than a website, it is a community, and we help each other where we can.

If you like, you can go to your first Post and next to unwatch (if it is there) are 3 dots and a down arrow, click that and Edit Thread, and you can change that to for example

[SOLVED] Can you help me with DHCP?

All of us seemed stupid (rather, lacking in knowledge) when we began Linux, or began investigating different areas, whether it be networking programming, scripting, and so on.

Another suggestion is to swing over to Member Introductions and say Hi, and meet a few of The Gang.


Thanks for the advices and help i will definitely study how to formulate question bless you guys and thanks to dos2unix ❤️

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