Hi from Oregon



I'm relatively new to Linux and have been running PCLOS with satisfaction. My motivation is I surf the Internet a lot and have had Windows blown out from under me a few times, but Linux has not let that happen. If it ever did, I can have it restored and running in a few minutes.

I have also run Ubuntu and Mint, but I think PCLOS is simpler for non-geeks. Maybe I can learn some good stuff here and graduate up later.

Welcome to the forums. I'm new as well and cannot give you 'essential' tips and tricks. I'm sure you'll learn a lot and as you said, gradually get more experience with Linux.

Make sure you follow all the rules though.
Hi, warrenc -- very glad to see people with courage enough to toss the dominant OS, whatever their reason. You made a good choice in beginning with PCLOS. I don't understand why it is not recommended more often as a distro of choice for beginners. The Gnome version of it from a couple of year ago is one I found worked admirably on an old dektop with a PIII processor. The limited choice found in its repositories is what finally made me switch after a few months. I still keep the wallpaper depicting a steam train in Scotland -- one of my favorites!


EDIT: see http://www.linuxforum.com/threads/3020-Linux-Decision/page2 -- I take my first sentence back -- be pane-fr33 !

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