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Hi everyone!

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by aussiedave, May 19, 2012.

  1. aussiedave

    aussiedave Guest

    This is my second venture into linux having tinkered briefly about 18 months ago. After recently trying to partition my hdd things went horribly wrong and my windows 7 os was vaporised. Luckily i had 95% of my system backed up. But now I have decided I no longer wish to be governed by MS and linuxmint 12 will be my os for now. Thanks in advance for any help along the way, Cheers Dave

  2. pane-free

    pane-free Guest

    Welcome, aussiedave! Cannot change the past, but perhaps we can help in the future with your GNU/Linux questions!
  3. aussiedave

    aussiedave Guest

    Thanks pane-free will get back to you soon with some wireless networking questions? Thanks for the welcome!
  4. Darwin

    Darwin Guest

    Gidday mayte!

    Welcome to this great community - Mint is cool, MS is a flaming Galar!
  5. aussiedave

    aussiedave Guest

    Thanks Darwin, yeah I was become increasingly annoyed with MS. I feel liberated, and now "I own" my computer it feels huncky dorey lol.
  6. Darwin

    Darwin Guest

    LOL yes MS always made me think that even though I paid for my machines that they had me by the gonads so to speak.
  7. Melissa

    Melissa Guest

    Hello and welcome! :D I'm
    Sorry that happened to you... I've only been using Linux for a week or so so I'm hoping that doesn't happen to me. Would you know if it happens a lot with Mint?

    Thanks :)
  8. JayGould

    JayGould Guest

    I drifted off it too, but I'm gonna be dual booting with Ubuntu soon! Hope to see you around the forums, and enjoy your stay!

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