Hi everyone , My issue is wireless connection thru command line



Hi everyone ,

Short intro , this is my first post. I am new to linux. I first started with Back track 4 live cd on a usb stick with persistent changes. Was really into the pentesting. But now , I have taken a shine to command lines and all the inner workings behind the scenes. I was quite savvy with windows but this is a whole new world now is'nt it?

Anyways my problem. I would like to get away from using apps to do what i want with the operating system. I used wicd network manager in the past to connect to my router and internet. How would i attempt this with command line? I know ifconfig -a shows my network interfaces and i use wlan0. I would start with ifconifg wlan0 up. This turns the wnic on. Then im at a loss. I am familiar with airodump which allows me to see wireless networks. But i dont think this is the appropriate methods to achieve what i am looking for. I have done other research and ive been led to iwconfig. after doing iwlist wlan0 scan , I get a really chunky list of aps , and mine is identified in there. The results were too fast for my comfort. I suspect it left the quieter aps out. Anyways , is iwlist the right way about this ? and how do i make the connection? where do i input the passphrase?



Having just searched for a similar topic, I know this will return many links apropos to your thread's topic. At https://startpage.com, type a search for "wireless linux commands."

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