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Welcome to the Linux org forums
We are an un-associated, Independent advice and help site for those in need of help with installation problems, those wanting a deeper understanding of Linux and Tech's needing more advanced advice,

We are a voluntary organisation our members are scattered across the four corners of the world and every time zone, so please accept that you may not get a quick answer.

Just a few things to remember
We are an international board so we ask that all post be in English [if you think your English is not very good , fine give it a try or use one of the translator programs [ DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator is recommended]

When asking for help
Please state the make and model number of your machine or its specification [some problems may be equipment specific]
Please tell us which distribution and build number you are having problems with [example Ubuntu 18.1]
Explain what your problem is and what [if anything] you have tried to remedy it yourself

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Greetings, and welcome! May your journey into the world of Linux be a fruitful and joyful one.
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