HexEditor For Linux?



I remember at University we had a great Hex editor we used for examining files. But I cannot remember the name, does anyone know of a good one?

Nothing better than vim! :)

Open your file in vim.. then use xxd to turn vim into a hex editor:

Then to go back to normal:
:%!xxd -r

xxd creates a hexdump of the file you've got open..
oh awesome! I'll try this, right now I have nothing. I am not a huge fan of the command line - as I tend to get confused, but its better than what I have!
There some out, as well you can use the hexdump command. Else try using GHex.

so far
If you want to look at or edit the source inside the file, you would install ghex or hexedit in linux from the software center or the package management program synaptic. If you mean to run the file you need to install the Wine program, how ever this program does not run all types of Window files, it is limited in use. If you want to extract the contents you would install the program mscompress.
I think you can just install Wine on your Linux computer and try installing the actually Hex editor program that runs on windows and see if that works my friend. Once Wine is installed you should be able to run executables like a normal Windows machine.

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