Here we go... I am ditching windows to use ubuntu or SuSe ?



My major reson is that both my laptop and desktop run rtoo slow, really slow when i have several prorams installed. Ive noticed that in the past Linux never slowed down.

I hesitate because i dont understand much about the file system. I have dual booted and i should be able to find docs etc on the windows partitian.

Can anyone advise me on this ?

First and foremost, just for piece of mind, back up (and test the backup!) all of your files.

And I think the answer is yes, if you dual boot you should have access to your windows partition. As I recall (and it's been a while), it was just accessible from a file manager, but I can also see having to mount the partition as a thing. Instructions for that can be found here.
No problem! And just my $0.02, if your laptop is older, I'd recommend going with Xubuntu. It uses a different desktop environment (called Xfce) that is much faster than the Ubuntu standard (Unity).
Take your time and learn at your own pace and yes in linux to see your windows partition it will need to be mounted .

Hard drive is usually sda1.
Hi Again :) if i didnt program in C# and VB id stick to Linux. Windows can be really annoying. Even when you delete programs you have installed to just try out, they screw with the whole OS. I have one older Laptop, ill install Xubuntu on it.

Ta for the help. Mike.
Another good one, with a closer feel to the windows 7 GUI, would be Linux Mint 15 Cinnamon Edition. This distro is by far my fav based off of ubuntu. It is VERY user friendly, and is well put together. I use it for gaming, and everyday computing stuff. I have never had a problem with Linux Mint. It runs smoothly, and fast. I would suggest taking a look for yourself. I highly recommend it. Specially for a new Linux user.

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