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Help With Imaging using G4L and ssd

Discussion in 'General Linux' started by andym63, Feb 27, 2013.

  1. andym63

    andym63 Guest

    I am using G4L it to clone the hard drive in my Muse Research Receptor ,its a linux box that uses wine to play VST instruments.
    I have managed to clone the HD.Using the clone disk function in G4l no probs.
    I am now thinking about getting an ssd my question is.
    Will i be able to make an image of a 1TB Sata drive with about 200GB of info on it.And then transfer that image on to a 250 GB SSD using G4L and still have it boot.

    Thx Andy

  2. pane-free

    pane-free Guest

    It may be possible, but different approach with possibly fewer headaches may be to create a partition same size as the SSD or smaller, place data (200GB of info) into that partition and clone it. Then transfer the clone to the SSD -- would it not?
    i use Clonezilla, myself.
  3. andym63

    andym63 Guest

    Hmm that might be worth a try i have a backup of everyhing so it cant do any harm.
    The drive that is in the machine now is i 1 tb.
    If i understand correctly you are sugesting that i
    1.shrink the partition on the 1 tb drive to just above the size of the actual amount of data on it (about 300 gb)using parted magic.
    2.clone the shrunken disk on to the empty 500 gb ssd.
    3 install the ssd in place of the 1 tb drive.

    Thx Andy
  4. andym63

    andym63 Guest

    I ended up usung unetbootin.
    First i cloned the original drive twice onto 2 separate Sata drives and checked to make sure they worked
    They where two 2 Tb drives.
    I used G4l in unetbootin for that.No probs there.
    After that i used one of the clones as a Source drive for my ssd clone.
    I started by shrinking the File system on the 2 tb drive to 350 Gb (slightly more than the amount
    Of data on the drive.To do this i used parted magic also in the unetbootin distro.
    Then i cloned that on to the 500 Gb ssd using G4l click and clone.
    Initialy i ghaught the clone had failed because it Stopped after 24.99 % So i left it alone for 30 min just
    Incase.Then reebooted
    I then reesized the ssd to 500 gb
    Using parted magic.
    The clone works fine.The file system is error free.
    Thx for all the advice .Andy

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