!HELP! Virus blocking acces to most websites

firefox safe mode doesn't help, still can't access most websites.
Okay, thanks for trying it. I'm at work now using my phone, but I'll try to Google around for some possibilities, but I may be off and on due to work.

About Flash updates.... don't try their website to update even when things are working properly. Just update Linux Mint and it should fix Flash too. In fact, try running updates now and see what happens. Does it access the web and update properly? Trying to determine if only browsers are broken, or everything that connects to the web.

It works now! I deinstalled all installed java packets in the software center and after rebooting, all websites are available again.
So no virus, just bad java ;-)

Thank you guys!
G'day Emergency, and Welcome to Linux.org

Uninstall clamav and clamtk.

Reboot after the uninstalls.

See if you can access websites now.

The reason I have taken this approach is because I had the clam product installed long ago just after i moved to linux from windows, and I experienced nothing but weird trouble.

Also....Linux is fairly impervious to virus's and pop ups etc etc.....practise Safe Surfing and you will generally stay out of trouble. This is one of the huge differences between Linux and windows.

Please be sure that the firewall is enabled.

Open terminal (ctrl+alt+T) type in ::

sudo ufw enable

(copy and paste so you get the spacing right)

you will be asked for your password.....
Type it in......you will NOT SEE any letters, numbers etc...this is normal

Take a look at this page it is Ubuntu's page....but it applies to Linux as well.(as do a lot of ubuntu pages..)

That will do you for now....get the firewall in place ands you will be quite safe. That is all I run and I am quite sure that most if not all others here will be the same

i too facing the same issue but now the solution work for me.. thanks
All's well that ends well !

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