Help please

Very well. To help you further, we will need your system specifications. You can try what @Alexzee posted.
Or assuming you have Google Chrome browser installed on your chromeos setup, you can type chrome://system and enter in the URL bar to view system specs of your device. Paste what you see on that page here.
As I mentioned earlier, Steam for Chrome OS is still in Alpha state, so don't expect a full performance.
when I type chrome://system in the address bar the chromebook restarts. Anyways I dont think u can help me at this point because I have steam and my game, problem is it lags and crashes right away maybe because my specs are trash
Most Chromebooks that I have seen or played with, their specs are bottom end and not really designed for heavy gaming, you can play things like solitaire or chess just fine but "Call of Duty" don't think so without some major lag going on

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