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HELP: Keyboard is weird


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Jan 25, 2023
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Hello guys,
Good evening.

I'm new on the forum (and on Linux). Since 2010 I've been trying to get out of Windows, but due to the development softwares I needed, it was impractical. Recently I decided to try Linux again, since several of these softwares have migrated, or have an equivalent for Linux. I've been running Ubuntu 22.04 as the sole OS on my notebook for three months now and finally I believe I can get rid of Windows.

Straight to the point, my problem is pretty weird... My keyboard is acting "weirdly", and I put it here in quotes here, because it's weird to me, as I don't know if this is the normal behavior on Linux.

Let me explain:

I'm going to use the notation "(left)" to describe a key that is on the left side of the keyboard.

When I'm editing text or source code, I often need to "select everything until the end of the word", which in my IDEs can be made sing the shortcut "Ctrl(left) + Shift(left) + Arrow". Many times the shortcut didn't work and I have to release the buttons and press again. After many tests, I found that the shortcut works whenever I press "Ctrl(Left) + Shift(Left) + Arrow", and "usually" doesn't work when I press "Shift(Left) + Ctrl(Left) + Arrow ". That is, I need to press the "Ctrl(left)" key first, before pressing the "Shift(left)" key. If I reverse the order, often nothing happens, but, sometimes, after trying a few times "Shif(left) + Ctrl(left) + Whatever", it works. And also it start to work in that way as if I had "unlocked" some option.

This happens anywhere in the OS where the shortcut key is accepted. It happens in Firefox's address bar, in text editors (LibreOffice), in editors and programming IDEs (MPLAB, vscode, ...), in CADs (KiCad, FreeCAD)... Anyway, everywhere in the OS .

I thought it could be a hardware problem, but both modes (Ctrl+Shift or Shift+Ctrl) always work when I use it inside Notepad++ via Wine and inside a Windows 10 virtual machine in VirtualBox.

My doubts are:

1) Is this the normal behavior of the keyboard in Linux/Ubuntu, that is, is there an "accessibility shortcut" or something that I don't know about?

2) If it's not the normal behavior, how do I fix it?

3) If it's the normal behavior, how do I make the OS accept both modes, regardless of the key pressing order?

My Notebook is a Lenovo ideaPad3 15ALC6, IBM/lenovo type keyboard, portuguese(ABNT), the one with "ç" and the "]" key is stuck together with "Enter".

If more information is needed, please also let me know how I can obtain it (commands, etc.), as my knowledge of the terminal is very limited... :)

Greetings, and thank you.


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Apr 28, 2021
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