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Hello everybody,
i need help if you can.

I had a windows pc. Forgot password...
ok i putted an ubuntu USB KEY,installed ubuntu locally, get all my data and the restarted an installation, from recovery partion, (it's an ACER LAPTOP), installed win 7 and the updated to win10.
After that i went to partion manager and deleted the partion of Ubuntu, 'cause i didn't wanted to be asked to start PC with ubuntu or windows, but....
when i deleted partion and restaterd PC now i see

error: no suc partition.
Entering rescue mode
grub rescue>

i tried with online instructions to set the partion again but nothing works.
The old partion is lost so how can i restart with windows partition?
Thank you.


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It looks like u have a UEFI computer and didn't delete the ESP (EFI system partition)(a small fat32 partition thats needet to boot a UEFI computer) of Ubuntu. Now the the bootloader that's installed on this ESP wonders why there is no Ubuntu partition. You can boot windows when u enter your computers boot-menu (u have to look this up on the internet how to get to boot-menu on a acer) and choose windows, in case windows had installed it's own bootloader with it's own ESP. Then u can delete the ESP via windows, but be carefull not to delete windows ESP, that would cause that u can not boot windows anymore.


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Thank you for you reply.
I tried to press F2 and then i enter the BIOS menu but not a boot menu.
Other keys are not working.
From the BIOS menu i can choose to start from USB but not a partition. Right?


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For anyone else forgetting a password.......that is probably a 'sign'.......that you need to accept the inevitable and install LINUX.


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Any way i did reinstalled windows from 0
For future reference, if you get into this situation again.... a simple fix is to restore the Windows bootloader. You need a Windows 10 installation DVD or USB and boot it into the "Troubleshooting" menu, with a Command Prompt. One of the following commands may work, but I always use both:
bootrec.exe /fixmbr
bootrec.exe /fixboot

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