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Hello everyone :eek:
I'm a new member here and I just want to take a moment to introduce myself. I been using Linux for some time. I've always been Windows user but lately, I've been unhappy with Windows. I can tell you one thing, I hate Windows Vista. So right now, I've been exploring different Linux. Mostly, I've been downloading several Live CD. So far, I got Puppy Linux, Knoppix STD, Knoppix and Ubuntu.



Hello there and welcome to the forums! I am new myself, been here a couple of days, but I love the community thus far. It's great that you have taken Linux into consideration. It's sad to say that Windows performance in the past years has been cause for many people to have an even larger interest in Linux, but it's a great choice to make! If you are willing to share your computer specs (mainly your ram/cpu and processor), you can get some good tips on other Linux distributions to try out as well. The list is huge and there seems to be a nearly endless choice of possibilities. I know that you will find something that fits your needs. Look forward to seeing you around the forums.:cool:


Hey Miks, welcome to LinuxForum.

I'm glad you've been playing around with Linux for a while, Windows does get exhausting after a while and Linux always brings in the new experience and feel.


Oh sorry where are my manners....welcome to the forum :) Sorry I just get so excited when people dislike vista as much as I do. Its the reason I switched to a mac for everyday stuff ;)

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