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Hi everyone,

Greetings from Sweden, I have just installed Ubuntu on a virtual box trying to get to know the system before i jump all the way in.
I know that most likely I won't have the problems that can come with a live installation, but I am using this just to get to know the system.

I work in support and thought might as well learn i new skill, and here I am.
Unfortunately English is neither my first nor second language but I will try to get my meaning through.

As I said earlier I just started up my first Distro being Ubuntu and I am using this to post my first post here in the forums.

Next fall I'm going into school again studying Networking and Routing.

I have looked through the forums a bit especially the Linux Beginner Tutorials, trying so soak up as much wisdom from Rob that I can.

My goal is to be able to help someone else here in the forums one day.

I'm a sociable man and I love to discuss different topics, I have always found this to be the best way to learn something.
I would love tips for different distros you think I should try, servers and desktops alike.

I hope you have a great day



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Hi Per-Erik, welcome to the site! Using a virtual machine is a great way to get started. And if you have a fair amount of free hard drive space, you can install many different Linux distros to try out before you commit to a bare metal installation.

I think the two biggest differences you'll notice between distros is the "package" system (for software installation and removal) and the "desktop environment" (the graphical interface you will interact with). There are many mixes and matches available ready-made by prominent distros, and the best way to see what is comfortable to you is to check them out with a virtual machine (or run "live" on a DVD or USB flash drive).

If you haven't found it already, DistroWatch is a great spot to look around and get some idea of the many varieties available to you. There are also many reviews posted there, and some suggestions for tips and tweaks that you might like.

There is a lot to learn, but I think you will enjoy the journey. :D



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Thanks Atanere!

As I said I'm just getting started, but I am having fun learning, thansk for the tip about Distrowatch, I'll spend a few hours at work looking through it.

I am fortunate that I have a great office that encurages me to learn new things.

Take care!


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Welcome to the community Per-Erik!

Don't worry, your English is fine. It's certainly a lot better than my Swedish!

The only Swedish words I ever learnt were swear words that the guys in Entombed taught me when I met them back in 1997.... And that was over 20 years ago, so I've completely forgotten them now!
Heh heh! XD

Good luck on your journey with Linux. If you have any problems or questions along the way - start a new thread in the forums and ask away. The community here will do our best to help in any way we can!


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Thanks Jas,
I must admit that my spoken English is alot better then my written.
But as I keep typing it seems to loosen up abit aswell.

I used to live in Nottingham, but that was back in 06 but for some reason my posh accent is still around.

And I will take your guidence to ask questions and I will when I have gotten abit further into the software.


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(Wizard appears in a puff of smoke, people roll their eyes and fall asleep :mad:)

I am fortunate that I have a great office that encurages me to learn new things.
Sounds like a great workplace, Per-Erik :D

Welcome to linux.org, and we hope you enjoy your adventures with Linux.

Australians love people whom speak Sverige, and in older days we used to have a number of wonderful tennis encounters. We get a number of Swedish backpackers in my district in South-east Queensland, and they are always interesting folk to talk with.


Chris Turner


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Thank you Chris.

Yes it is a great place to work, and I can agree, we swedes have an serious facination with Australia.

Stems back to the Dundee movies, and the Crocodile Hunter series.
We miss Steve.

But we do tend so search for the warmth and Australia is as we have heard a warm place, and we both love a good BBQ and a cold Lager.


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Eloquently put. good sir. I had occasion to visit The Old Dart (England) in 1988 for 4 weeks, and was overwhelmed with the popularity of Paul Hogan's work.

Steve Irwin died in action, I suspect that is the way he would like it, and his children, Bindi and Bob are grown now, and fine testaments to his loves and ambitions.

I will let you get to your reading, and look forward to seeing how you go.



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This is fun, had to leave the desktop for a few days but I'm up and running again.

Been moving and creating folders and text docs, just to see how i can work with permissions and diffrent commands.

Tried my hand at piping aswell works like a charm.

Gonna try and get my hands dirty with changing up the look of the desktop and see if I can get that Timeshift to work.

A few hours away from my first beer in a while.

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