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Mar 31, 2024
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Hello! I'm mostly a lurker, so you probably won't see me posting that much :). English is not my first language, so sorry for any mistakes I might make.

I can't say I'm a complete noob when it comes to Linux, but I feel like a noob every time some issue comes up with the system :oops:, which is kind of funny. I've used Linux for a few years already and Linux Mint is my distro of choice for now.

I've been looking for a friendly forum for a while after having a not-so-pleasant experience with the Linux Mint forum (I won't spill the tea, though). I hope I'm in the right place finally.

Umm, I don't know what else to say really. If you want to ask me something, ask away.

Have a nice day/night, people. ;)

Hello @WinterOwl,
Welcome to the Linux.org Forum. Enjoy the Journey! :)
G'day WinterOwl, Welcome to Linux.org
Welcome to the forums
I will let you into a little secret.. no matter how long any one of us has been using Linux, WE are still all learning
Welcome to Linux.org.

Aye, @Brickwizard 's got the right of it. Certainly where Linux is concerned, there's no such thing as an "expert" (not where ordinary users are concerned). We're all still "noobs".....and we're all still learning.

I've been at it for ten years, and although I've become pretty handy with some of it, I know I've still got a LONG way to go...

Stick around. We might actually be able to teach you a few things! :p

Mike. ;)
Welcome to the Forum.
G'day @WinterOwl and welcome from another Aussie

Chris Turner

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