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Newbie from the UK with some average bash experience. At the moment I use Fedora as my 'main' OS on my laptop. I'm a Masters student with a keen interest in cyber security, so I'm also learning how to grapple with Kali.

Came here to find out more and hopefully have fun learning alongside you all. :)


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Hello @bec2 Welcome to the forums! Kali seems to be popular these days, I have seen quite a few topics with people interested in Kali. So I'm sure you will find some useful posts and and that you will be able to share some new insights as well. :)


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@bec2 kali is broad but for web the easiest to get working with kali is the wpscan with password list maybe created crunch anda confirmed admin password (which is easy to get) . I did some white hat for someone Ghana. I was going to do a presentation for owasp Ghana but flight keeps getting cancelled .

There are a lot of Wordpress websites out there there are like swizz cheese (full of holes) .
I even know one guy who works in IT recruitment and he told me his over the phone he had his web hacked .I had a quick look at his resurrected site and he has as an admin user name "admin".
Go figure.

The nature of WordPress is partly responsible because you don't need to know anything about coding just a muscular hand than can "click click" . Whereas say you code php and use CodeIgniter you are going to have much more an understanding how things work, CSRF inbuilt features and where you might want to use custom php classes. I'm not sure we have a general thread on cyber security?But then there ia the issue more exposure of knowledge even how to prevent hacking can give someone a clue to do the opposite.


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G'day bec2, and Welcome to linux.org


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With the exception of @f33dm3bits , we are all members of the Commonwealth of Nations (and we can make him an honourary member, lol). Just need Darren (NZ) to say Hi. And our RSA member.

G'day from another Aussie :)

We have Indians and Canadians as well.

Hope you enjoy our sense of humour, or we'll annoy the crap out of you, but we all share a legitimate love of Linux.

I run 56 Linux (today's figure, changes) including Kali (The Death Goddess) and Fedora, but I mostly keep the Goddess chained up and just feed her updates. You can find many of Kali's pen testing apps within the repositories of many Linux.

Kali, I note, have recently back-pedalled a little on their privilege policy, and instead of being Root by default, are now advising you to become a regular User.

Anyway, enjoy your Linux, and we will look forward to your input. Good luck with the Masters.

Chris Turner


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G'day @bec2 .
Welcome to community from the slow Aussie.
Kali hey? Your welcome to it but you will pick it up quite well and better than this little old black duck would. Enjoy it.
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